Swedish Barbie 2000

промо-фото Swedish Barbie 2000
Face mold: Mackie
Skin Tone: Nostalgic
Body Type:
Edition: Collector Edition
Collection: Dolls of the World — Europe
Release Date: 1/1/2000
Product Code: 24672

Hej (Hello)! I am Swedish Barbie doll and I want to welcome you to Sweden, a beautiful land filled with flowers, trees, and clear flowing water. I am wearing a traditional folk costume often worn for Midsummer in Lapland, the northernmost part of Sweden, just above the Arctic Circle. My colorful dress, with attached red apron and criss-cross flock vest, is just right for the customary dancing that takes place around the maypole, (a large wooden pole we decorate with green leaves, flowers and ribbons. ) We always have fun dancing and playing games around the maypole. I hope you will come join me in Sweden real soon. Until then, Hejda (Goodbye)!

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