Statue of Liberty Barbie 2010

промо-фото Statue of Liberty Barbie
Face mold: Generation Girl
Skin tone: Neutra
Body: Model Muse
Label: Pink
Designer: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 6/10/2010
Product Code: T3772

Barbie® commemorates the 30th Anniversary of Dolls of the World® Collection with the Landmark Collection, featuring Barbie® dressed in gowns inspired by some of the world’s most famous architecture. Statue of Liberty Barbie® doll captures the style and glamour of the famous city she represents — New York. Blonde, beautiful, and statuesque, Barbie® wears a gorgeous gown with an iconic Statue of Liberty illustration on the front.


Inside the Dolls of the World/Ellis Island Launch Party — June 16, 2010

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