Princess of the French Court Barbie 2001

промо-фото Princess of the French Court Barbie
Face mold: Generation Girl
Body Type:
Edition: Collector Edition
Release Date: 12/1/2000
Product Code: 28372

Princess of the French Court™ Barbie® doll is inspired by the grandeur of the Age of Chivalry, a time of romance and valor. She wears a regal gown of deep, rich purple, the color of royalty. The split skirt is designed with an inset of purple and golden jacquard. Lavishly embellished with golden trim and a gleaming golden medallion, the dress is complemented by a golden ring and earrings. The final crowning touch is her golden tiara incorporating a fleur-de-lis (lily) design, the symbol of the royal family of France that proudly decorated their coat of arms.


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