Peruvian Barbie 1st Edition 1986

промо-фото Peruvian Barbie 1st Edition
Face mold: Steffie
Body Type: TNT
Collection: Dolls of the World — South America
Edition: Special Edition
Release Date: 1986
Product Code: 2995

Peruvian Barbie doll wears an authentic Peruvian costume in vibrant pink, blue, and green fabric. Her pink blouse is accented at the waist by a decorative belt. Barbie wears two skirts — a dark blue one over a green one to protect her from the cold climate. A light blue shawl drapes over her shoulders. Her pink slip-on shoes and blue hat complement this ensemble, as does her long brown braided hair. The flowers on her hat are a Peruvian symbol that she’s looking for a husband.


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