Parisian Barbie 2nd Edition 1991

промо-фото Parisian Barbie 2nd Edition
Face mold: Steffie
Skin Tone: Йога Барби 2 волны
Body Type: TNT
Collection: Dolls of the World — Europe
Edition: Special Edition
Release Date: 1991
Product Code: 9843

Bonjour (hello) from Paris, France! Parisian Barbie is dressed in the latest French fashions. Her pink dress is trimmed in black lace, and fitted on top, with a flared skirt. A white ruffle lines the bottom and underside of her dress. Parisian Barbie doll’s blond hair is swept away from her face, tied on top of her head, and accented with a colorful «feather. » For dramatic flair, Barbie wears black stockings, shoes, and a daring choker.


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