Native American Barbie 4th Edition 1998

промо-фото Native American Barbie 4th Edition
Face mold: Diva
Collection: Dolls of the World — North America
Edition: Collector Edition
Release Date: 1998
Product Code: 18558

Dressed in a festive outfit for ceremonial events, Native American Barbie doll looks authentic from head to toe. She’s wearing a «buckskin» fringed top with a matching skirt. Silvery braided trim highlights her outfit. Her long black hair is adorned with a headband and turquoise-colored feather. In keeping with Native American traditions, she has soft «buckskin» moccasins on her feet.

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Кукла Native American Barbie 4th Edition на теле баскетболистки (есть разнотон, голова отдает в красноту).

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