Australian Barbie 1993

промо-фото Australian Barbie 1993
Face mold: Superstar
Body Type: TNT
Collection: Dolls of the World — Australia
Edition: Special Edition
Release Date: 1993
Product Code: 3626

G’day (hello) from Australia, the land «down under»! Australian Barbie sports an outfit typical of a jillaroo (female rancher) in the outback. Her brown, wide-brimmed hat protects her face from the hot sun while her tan skirt and vest match much of the dusty terrain found in the outback. Underneath her vest, Barbie wears a red and white short-sleeved blouse, with a knotted red scarf tied around her neck. And finally, her boots make for easy walking through the brush as she moves from one adventure to the next!


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