American Indian Barbie 1996

промо-фото American Indian Barbie
Молд лица: Superstar
Тип тела: TNT
Коллекция: American Stories Collection
Выпуск: Collector Edition
Дата релиза: 1996
Код продукта: #14715

It’s Barbie® as an American Indian caring for her cousin, Baby Blue Feather™. This Collector Edition Barbie® doll wears a tan buckskin-like dress with matching boots. The tiny papoose she carries has a «buckskin» headband and diaper and comes with a matching backpack. Children will love the magical story Barbie® tells. From the American Stories Series™, this very special Barbie® doll comes with her own historical storybook, so she’s educational as well as fun.

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