Reem Acra Bride Barbie 2007 (brunette)

промо-фото Reem Acra Bride Barbie Brunette
Face mold: Mackie
Skin Tone: Nostalgic
Body Type: Model Muse
Eyelashes: Rooted
Collection: Designer Brides Barbie Dolls
Label: Gold
Designer: Sharon Zuckerman
Release Date: 6/1/2007
Product Code: K7968

Romance and elegance abound in this astounding creation from Reem Acra, one of the leading ladies of luxury bridal wear. Reem Acra® Bride Barbie® doll is stunning in a satiny gown adorned with the designer’s signature beading and embroidery. The incredible long train, complete with intricate bustling and details, makes this dress an absolute showstopper in every sense! Meanwhile, the demure bodysuit adds an air of modesty and mystery to this sublime bridal look. Other accoutrements include simple «pearl» studs and a tiara accenting the doll’s sleek updo, details that allow this showpiece of a gown to shine on its own. Romantic, unique and overwhelmingly chic, the look is the true embodiment of bridal style as only Reem Acra could deliver.

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