Holiday African-American Barbie 2017

промо-фото Holiday Barbie (Nikki)
Face mold: LaVinia
Skin Tone: Light Black
Body: Model Muse
Label: Pink
Designer: Carlyle Nuera
Release Date: 8/1/2017
Product Code: #DYX40
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 13“ x 3“x 10.5“

As the year comes to a close, celebrate the occasions that made you smile, the dreams that moved you and the wishes that made you hopeful. Every joyful moment in life becomes a sparkling memory in our hearts. Barbie® doll is adorned with a gleaming star to commemorate all those wondrous moments—the perfect complement to her festive red metallic gown and dangling earrings. May your 2017 Holiday Barbie™ keepsake inspire you to dream bigger, live boldly and always shine brightly. For ages 6 and over.

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