Hope Diamond Barbie 2012

промо-фото Hope Diamond Barbie
Face mold: Mackie
Skin Tone: Peace
Body Type: Model Muse
Eyelashes: Painted
Label: Gold
Quantity Produced: 6500
Designer: Robert Best
Release Date: 2/16/2012
Product Code: W7818

The world’s largest and most famous blue diamond is now America’s crown jewel, housed at the Smithsonian Institution. Inspired by the famed jewelry setting, Hope Diamond Barbie® doll wears a deep blue charmeuse gown. Elegant ruffles form the sleeves, while the flared skirt makes an impactful silhouette. The gown wonderfully complements her lovely hair and white opera gloves. Finally, an exquisite miniature replica of the Hope Diamond adorns her neck.

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