Cyndi Lauper Barbie / Барби Синди Лопер

промо-фото Cyndi Lauper Barbie
Face mold: Teresa
Skin Tone: Nostalgic
Body Type: Model Muse
Eyelashes: Painted
Label: Pink
Release Date: 1/28/2010
Product Code: R4460

She was the quintessential independent spirit who inspired girls to have fun. Cyndi Lauper leaped into the ’80s music scene with a thrift store aesthetic, brilliant candy-colored hair, and unforgettable music that she delivered with all her heart and soul. Her music videos, a staple of the decade, showcased her extraordinary creativity. Singer, songwriter, and master performer, Cyndi remains a favorite — supremely talented and gloriously unique. Cyndi Lauper doll captures that same spunk and spirit.

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