Octopussy Barbie 2010

промо-фото Octopussy Barbie
Face mold: Daria
Skin Tone: Neutra
Body Type: Model Muse
Collection: Barbie Loves Bond Collection
Label: Black
Release Date: 6/17/2010
Product Code: #T4550

Intelligent and alluring, Bond girls are forever making James Bond’s missions all the more exciting. In Octopussy, James Bond meets beautiful smuggler and circus owner, Octopussy. Octopussy™ Barbie® doll pays tribute to this Favorite Bond Girl, dressed in a belted, white robe featuring a striking octopus graphic on the back. Her mane of luscious brunette locks and sultry face paint capture plenty of attitude. Oh so alluring!

Обзор от Youtube-канала Natalia Lermur

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