Marvel Dark Phoenix Barbie 2019

промо-фото Marvel Dark Phoenix Barbie
Face Sculpt: Mermaid
Body Type: Articulated-Original
Eyelashes: Painted
Label: Gold
Designer: Bill Greening
Release Date: 7/22/2019
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 13″ x 3″ x 8″
Product Code: #GLJ54

Barbie® celebrates the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics with a tribute to legendary X-Men character Dark Phoenix. Also known as Jean Grey-Summers, Dark Phoenix is an Omega-level mutant with telepathic and telekinetic powers. This beloved character, who has faced numerous deaths and rebirths, wrestles with her personal demons. Dark Phoenix Barbie® doll is as fierce as the character she emulates. This collectible Barbie® doll captures Dark Phoenix’s iconic look in a red bodysuit with shimmering gold details, including the gold phoenix graphic, thigh-high boots, gloves and a sash. Dark Phoenix Barbie® doll is painted to likeness with vibrant yellow eyes and long, red hair. Celebrate 80 years of action, fandom and Marvel Comics with Dark Phoenix Barbie® Doll. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Colors and decorations may vary.


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