Barbie as Marilyn Monroe / Барби Мэрилин Монро

промо-фото Barbie as Marilyn Monroe 2009
Молд лица: Mackie
Скинтон: Nostalgic
Тип тела: Model Muse
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Коллекция: The Blonde Ambition Collection
Лейбл: Pink Label
Дизайнер: Sharon Zuckerman
Дата релиза: 3/5/2009
Код продукта: #N4987

Barbie® doll as Marilyn Monroe™ is the debut doll in the Blonde Ambition™ Collection, a series celebrating the blondes we all love and admire. The doll wears a flawless golden gown inspired by one created for her by American costume designer William Travilla. The results are sophisticated, stylish, and sexy — so very Marilyn Monroe!

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