Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress 2007

Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress 2007
Молд лица кукол: Portrait
Ресницы: Прошитые
Коллекция: Barbie Loves Lucy!
Дата релиза: 6/1/2007
Код продукта: #K8670

The first ever Mattel-made Lucy and Ethel gift set is finally here! I Love Lucy® has made television history as one of the most enduring, beloved shows of all time, and with good reason: what’s not to love about the show that followed the silly antics of zany redhead Lucy Ricardo, her blonde best friend Ethel Mertz, and their equally hilarious husbands?Capture the memories with this adorable set, inspired by episode #69, Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress, which originally aired on October 19, 1953. When Lucy and Ethel accidentally buy the same formal gown for a live televised duet, each agrees to return hers, but neither follows through. Hilarity ensues when the sidekicks arrive onstage in identical frocks — a fashion faux pas to be sure! The lovable duo is portrayed here in chiffon dresses of lavender, gray and white, adorned with floral details and the characters’ signature hairstyles. An absolute must-have for Lucy lovers and Barbie® fans alike!

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