Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo Barbie 1998

Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo 1998
Молд лица: Portrait Lucy
Ресницы: Прошитые
Коллекция: Barbie Loves Lucy!
Выпуск: Collector Edition
Дата релиза: 1998
Код продукта: #17645

Here is the first collectible Lucy doll created by Mattel to authentically reproduce the famous episode where «Lucy Does a TV Commercial. » The doll’s lifelike appearance and smiling face will evoke nostalgic memories of Lucy’s hysterical performance attempting to sell Vitameatavegamin. Lucy is dressed in an amazingly accurate re-creation of the black and white «houndstooth» ensemble she wore to do her commercial and even holds a «bottle» of the «powerful cure-all» Vitameatavegamin and a spoon for «tasting. » She proves laughter really is the best medicine.

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