James Bond 007 Ken and Barbie Giftset 2002

промо-фото James Bond 007 Ken and Barbie Giftset
Collection: Barbie Loves Pop Culture
Edition: Collector Edition
Release Date: 11/1/2002
Product Code: #B0150

Off on another electrifying adventure, Ken® doll steps into the role of James Bond, as debonair as any of the five actors who portrayed the master spy on screen. His midnight blue suit is an authentic re-creation of the classic tuxedo worn by Bond and designed by the renowned clothier Brioni. He carries a sleek briefcase, packed with top secret papers for his latest MI6 assignment. Barbie® doll is the perfect «Bond girl» in a fabulous ensemble created by Lindy Hemming, the Academy Award®-winning designer enlisted for the 20th Bond film. A fabulous golden lace gown and striking red shawl lend cosmopolitan glamour, while her indispensable «cell phone, » strapped discreetly to her thigh, awaits the «call» to action.

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