I Love Lucy Dolls “Job Switching” 2008

I Love Lucy Dolls “Job Switching” 2008
Молд лица кукол: Portrait
Ресницы кукол: Прошитые
Коллекция: Barbie Loves Lucy!
Дизайнер: Sharon Zuckerman
Дата релиза: 5/15/2008
Код продукта: #L9585

Job Switching, episode 39, originally broadcast on September 15, 1952 during I Love Lucy’s second season. Today, this wacky story remains a favorite and is re-created in this delightful giftset. Both dolls wear pink dress coats, pink baker’s hats, and pink heels. Check out the face sculpts — each doll looks as though their faces are «stuffed» with chocolates! Rooted eyelashes and fantastic face paint provide the finishing touches.

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