Grace Kelly The Romance Doll 2011

промо-фото Grace Kelly The Romance Doll 2011
Face mold: Grace Kelly
Eyelashes: Painted
Collection: Grace Kelly Collection
Quantity Produced: 4300
Label: Gold
Designer: Robert Best
Release Date: 10/4/2011
Product Code: #T7944

When American actress Grace Kelly arrived in Monaco to marry her prince, she was the embodiment of 50’s elegance and class. The exquisite Grace Kelly The Romance doll recreates her exact outfit in amazing detail. She wears the fabulous floral print dress Miss Kelly wore when she first met her future husband at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival. From an «easy to sew» pattern the actress modeled for McCall magazine, the dress features long sleeves and a tight bodice that flares out into a full skirt, and is styled with a coordinating headpiece and navy pumps. She also comes with a deep navy blue coat and matching dress. Her golden blonde hair is pulled back and can be neatly tucked under a white, wide-brimmed hat and matching scarf, while sunglasses shade her lovely blue eyes. A simple strand of pearls encircles her glove-covered wrist, and she has a delicate bouquet of white violets.


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