Elvis and Priscilla Giftset 2008

Elvis and Priscilla Giftset 2008
Молд лица кукол: Portrait Elvis, Mackie
Ресницы кукол: Нарисованные
Коллекция: Barbie Loves Elvis
Лейбл: Pink Label
Дизайнер: Sharon Zuckerman
Дата релиза: 7/1/2008
Код продукта: #L9632

One of the greatest love stories of the 20th century, the romance between the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Priscilla is legendary. Priscilla Beaulieu captured Elvis Presley’s heart and he swept her off her feet! On May 1, 1967, Las Vegas wedding bells rang for Elvis and Priscilla. Dressed in a black paisley print tuxedo and black boots, the groom is ready to once again exchange rings with his beautiful bride.

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