Dancing with the Stars Waltz Barbie 2011

промо-фото Dancing with the Stars Waltz Barbie
Face mold: Aphrodite
Skin Tone: Neutra
Label: Pink
Designer: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 11/17/2011
Product Code: #W3318

Wearing an elegant, flowing gown, Barbie® is ready to dance the graceful waltz. The shiny pink bodice creates a sparkling effect on the dance floor. The long skirt is layered with three ruffles and silvery trim lines the bodice top, waist and cut-out sleeves. Glittering jewelry matches the gown, which is a light shade of pink.

  • У куклы шарнирные ноги и руки. Также есть грудной шарнир.
  • В комплекте подставка и сертификат подлинности.

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