Disney Clara’s Light-Up Dress Barbie 2018

промо-фото Disney Clara's Light-Up Dress Barbie
Face mold: Clara (Mackenzie Foy)
Body Type: Skipper with articulated arms
Designer: Carlyle Nuera
Label: Gold
Release Date: 9/15/2018
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 13“ x 3.3“ x 13“
Product Code: FRN75

Inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale, Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” showcases the wondrous journey of Clara, who finds herself in the mystical world of the Four Realms, home to a host of eccentric characters and no shortage of surprises. Clara is a smart, curious and independent girl who receives a precious gift hidden inside an ornate box. But it’s locked and she desperately wants the key to open it. Her search leads her to a strange and mysterious parallel world where her courage, strength and instincts will be tested. The Clara’s Light-Up Dress doll is inspired by the character in the film and features Clara in her sparkling lilac and pink gown adorned with silvery and golden design touches. Clara’s dress lights up and glows (press button on pendant) so fans can recreate this illuminating scene in the film. Accessories include a tiara, necklace and her ornate box. The doll is sculpted to the likeness of the actor and has posable arms, elbows, wrists and legs. Includes a doll stand for display and Certificate of Authenticity. Includes “Try Me” packaging.


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