Radiant Rose Barbie 1996

Radiant Rose Barbie 1996
Молд лица: Superstar
Тип тела: Shani
Ресницы: Прошитые
Коллекция: Society Style Collection
Выпуск: Limited Edition
Дата релиза: 1996
Код продукта: #15140

She’s as elegant and romantic as a flawless red rose in this stunning ball gown. Her floor length, velvety red gown is draped with a glittering satiny overskirt. A cascade of delicate roses falls from her shoulder to her tiny waist and accenting her long beautiful hair is one dramatic red rose. Sophisticated and glamorous, this Toys ‘R Us Limited Edition doll is the second in the Society Style™ collection. She is available in both a white and ethnic version, both with beautiful red hair.

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