Queen of Sapphires Barbie 2000

Queen of Sapphires Barbie 2000
Молд лица: Mackie
Тип тела: Shani
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Коллекция: Royal Jewels Collection
Выпуск: Limited Edition
Дата релиза: 1/1/2000
Код продукта: #26926

The second glorious doll in a series celebrating the magnificence of precious stones. Queen of Sapphires™ Barbie® doll’s jewelry has been created by Alfred Durante, a master jewelry designer who has been commissioned to do custom jewelry for some of the world’s most celebrated women. The Queen of Sapphires Barbie® is adorned in extravagant diamond and sapphire-colored Swarovski® crystals brilliantly highlighted by elegant marquis, teardrop and round cuts. The craftsmanship and detail on her tiara, necklace and earrings are simply exceptional.

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