Flight of Fashion Barbie 2020

Flight of Fashion Barbie 2020
Молд лица: Odile
Тип тела: J.Lo body
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Лейбл: Platinum Label
Дизайнер: Angel Kent
Дата релиза: 8/17/2020
Цена во время релиза: $120.00
Код продукта: #GNH49
Размеры упаковки (В/Г/Ш): 15″ x 4″ x 10″

Last year, thousands of Barbie® fans voted first on four design sketches, and later on two design prototypes during the 2019 Doll Design Showdown. This fantastical fairy sorceress enchanted Barbie® fans and became the crowdsourced winning creation YOU chose to go from concept to doll. Since then, we’ve been hard at work finalizing the design and getting her ready for this big debut.

Flight of Fashion™ Barbie® Doll features a fantastical feathered look inspired by winged creatures both real and imagined. She’s dressed in a dramatic mermaid gown with feathery details and shimmering accents. Her long, jet-black hair is styled in two sleek, top-knot ponytails punctuated by a captivating teardrop headpiece. Matching teardrop earrings and long, fingerless gloves complete her look. As you gaze into her piercing blue eyes, beware of her powerful allure, lest you fall under her lasting spell.

She’s a made-to-order doll – that means we’ll be taking pre-orders from Barbie® Signature Platinum and Gold Status members for four weeks only, from 8/17/20 to 9/14/20. However many pre-orders we receive in that time is how many dolls we’ll make.

Because she’s made-to-order, please note: We won’t go into production until the pre-order period is complete, so it will take approximately one (1) year for you to receive your doll. Also, we must receive pre-orders for at least 1,500 dolls to go into production. If this minimum pre-order threshold is not met by 9/14/20, the doll will not go into production, and all pre-orders will be refunded. If this minimum pre-order threshold is met, your method of payment will be charged when your item is shipped.

Time is limited, and this doll is absolutely fantastic. Place your pre-order now!


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