Bohemian Glamour Barbie 2003

Bohemian Glamour Barbie 2003
Молд лица: CEO/Generation Girl
Тип тела: Shani
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Коллекция: Style Set Collection
Выпуск: Collector Edition
Дата релиза: 8/1/2003
Код продукта: #B2512

The Bohemian Glamour™ Barbie®, the third doll in the Style Set Collection™, wears a ruffled coral chiffon top and coordinating printed chiffon ruffled skirt with vibrant hues of coral, pink, and turquoise. Barbie® doll has a pink chiffon scarf tied around her hips. Her hip brooch and dangling earrings have turquoise-colored accents. She wears strappy coral sandals, and has long, curly red hair.

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