Midnight Moon Princess Barbie 2000

промо-фото Midnight Moon Princess Barbie
Face mold: Mackie
Eyelashes: Painted
Collection: Celestial Collection
Edition: Collector Edition
Release Date: 1/1/2000
Product Code: 27689

Part of the fabulous new Celestial Collection™, Barbie® doll emerges as a luminous beauty eclipsing all the wonders of the night sky. Her slim silvery metallic gown has short sleeves and a square neck, softened with a distinctive drape. The gown is wrapped in sheer white fabric that falls to a frothy swirl at Barbie® doll’s feet. Adding to the ethereal effect, Barbie® wears faux pearl bracelets on each wrist, connected by double strands of faux pearls. Her elaborately styled black hair is accented with a faux pearl crown. For added drama, Barbie® stands against a large white sphere, representing the moon in all its glory.

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