Ken and Barbie as Merlin and Morgan Le Fay 2000

промо-фото Ken and Barbie as Merlin and Morgan Le Fay
Barbie face mold: Goddess
Collection: Magic & Mystery Collection
Edition: Limited Edition
Release Date: 1/1/2000
Product Code: 27287

Introducing the Magic & Mystery Series, a limited edition series inspired by the magic and mystery of mythical legends. Barbie® as Morgan Le Fay looks captivating as the beautiful enchantress in the Arthurian legends. She wears a flowing chiffon and charmeuse gown in shades of burgundy, bronze and gold, with long, detached sleeves. Attached to her gown is a burgundy panné cape lined and trimmed with charmeuse. A golden chain with pretty charms hangs from her hip. A golden headpiece with sheer golden netting crowns her lovely head. Ken as Merlin the Wizard looks wise and powerful in a royal blue panné robe with a golden cord tied at the waist. His ensemble comes complete with a tall golden staff.


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