Haunted Beauty Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie 2012 / Барби Призрак

промо-фото Ghost Barbie
Молд лица: Louboutin
Скинтон: Peace
Тип тела: ModelMuse — Arm Configuration: Poseable arms
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Лейбл: Gold Label
Тираж: 5700
Дизайнер: Bill Greening
Дата релиза: 10/11/2012
Цена во время релиза: $100.00
Код продукта: #W7819

An ancient mansion sits beneath ink black skies. Midnight winds whisper through deserted rooms. Softly, the sound of clanging chains and supernatural murmurs rises and grows. From the darkness, an apparition appears, sheer and barely visible. Frightfully beautiful, she lives between this earthly life and an unknown world beyond. You are indeed fortunate that this sublime spirit has revealed herself to you! Haunted Beauty Ghost™ Barbie® wears an ethereal, off-white gown featuring fitted bodice, bell sleeves, and full skirt with tattered hem. A silvery earthly chain wraps around her body. Her long, pale platinum hair and dramatic face paint take her far beyond the paranormal to extraordinary!

  • У куклы есть шарниры в кистях и локтях. Ноги статичные.

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