Dhoom 3: Sahir Doll (Aamir Khan)

промо-фото Dhoom 3 Aliya Doll
Label: Black
Release Date: 2013

Aamir Khan took the world by storm with the latest franchise of Dhoom. He portrayed the character of the cunning and super intelligent magician, Sahir. Get your very own Dhoom 3 Aamir Khan doll by Barbie and enjoy enacting the scenes from the super hit movie. This Barbie Collector Dhoom 3 Sahir doll is designed from polymer, giving it long lasting durability and strength. This Dhoom 3 Sahir doll bears a striking resemblance to the real Aamir Khan. Watch your child’s face brighten up while he plays with this doll.

В 2013 году компанией Mattel эксклюзивно для индийского рынка были выпущены куклы главных героев фильма «Байкеры: 3» — Сахир (Амир Кхан) и Алья (Катрина Каиф).


Катрина Каиф и Амир Кхан на презентации кукол

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