The Charleston Barbie by Bob Mackie

промо-фото Bob Mackie The Charleston Barbie
Eyelashes: Painted
Edition: Limited Edition
Release Date: 4/1/2001
Product Code: 24252

Barbie® bears incredible likeness to the flappers of the 1920s dance scene. Her dress is beaded on orange material with chartreuse, green, gold, and clear beads, and features a skirt made up of separate beaded panels. She wears a bubble-shaped coat of beaded leopard print lined in bright purple satin and trimmed in long brown fur, and dons a small cap covered with chartreuse, green, and gold beads with two blond curls peeking out. Her thigh-high stockings and shoes are painted onto her legs. Jewelry accents include a long chartreuse green beaded necklace and multicolored beaded bracelets. Porcelain body was specially sculpted to achieve «Charleston» posing.

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