Barbie Styled by Yuming 1999

промо-фото Barbie Styled by Yuming
Face mold: Kayla/Lea (?)
Eyelashes: Painted
Edition: Limited Edition
Release Date: 6/1/1999
Product Code: 25792

A doll designed by a pop superstar is sure to be high on style, and this one is no exception! Celebrated Japanese pop icon Yuming (Yumi Matsutoya) lends her onstage flair to Barbie® Doll by creating a dress recalling the dramatic, colorful costumes she wears at her shows. Draped in three tiers of golden-trimmed chiffon in coral, yellow and blue, this Barbie® doll exudes delicate, ethereal grace. With sleek black hair, bright red lips and her own must-have «instrument, » this doll sparkles in a blue-accented golden tiara, matching necklace and other gold-toned jewelry. There’s no question about it: this one hits all the right fashion notes!

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