Moschino Barbie 2015

промо-фото Moschino Barbie
Face mold: Superstar
Body: Model Muse, Double Bent Arms
Customizations: Painted nails
Label: Gold
Designer: Linda Kyaw
Release Date: 11/9/2015
Product Code: CHX10

Moschino Barbie® Doll is a creative collaboration between the Italian luxury brand and our perfectly playful style icon. She wears a fishnet crop top and cycling shorts, and comes with a jacket, skirt, and oversize tee to mix up her looks. Eye-catching accessories include hat, sunglasses, necklaces, belt, handbags, and backpack. Fantastically coiffed hair completes this retro-inspired reinvention of Barbie® style.

  • Кукла была распродана с официального сайта Mattel в течение первого часа продаж.
  • Джереми Скотт поделился фотографиями с Барби Москино на своей странице в Instagram. Конечно же, одну из кукол он подарил своей дочери.



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