Mbili Barbie by Byron Lars

промо-фото Mbili Barbie by Byron Lars
Face mold: Mbili
Eyelashes: Rooted
Collection: Tresures Of Africa Collection
Edition: Limited Edition
Release Date: 7/1/2002
Product Code: 55287

The magnificence of Africa is artfully reinvented in the innovative Treasures of Africa™ Collection, the impressive fashion series created by New York designer Byron Lars. Mbili is brought to life in a highly dramatic ensemble of feathers and beads. An extraordinary, ribbed corset of multi-colored beads accents her intricately woven, backless sweater. Her skirt features a ruffled waist and shirred V-line design. A full bustle of ostrich feathers adds wondrous wildlife panache to this remarkably theatrical costume. Ornately styled and decorated with colorful beads, her black hair frames her exquisite face. Azure blue boots bring a final air of contemporary, couture chic.

Барби Мбили на новом молде, который получил одноименное с куклой название.

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