Glimmer of Gold Barbie 2010

промо-фото Glimmer of Gold Barbie
Face mold: Louboutin/Glimmer
Skin Tone: LA Tan
Body Type: Model Muse
Eyelashes: Painted
Collection: Barbie Fan Club Dolls
Label: Platinum
Designer: Robert Best
Release Date: 4/14/2010
Product Code: R4495

Glimmer of Gold™ Barbie® doll celebrates the splendor and beauty of well-appointed living! Dressed for a very special event, the doll wears a lovely ivory cocktail dress, inspired by classic Grecian design and lavishly embellished with golden embroidery. Created for members of the 2010 Barbie℠ Fan Club by designer Robert Best, Glimmer of Gold™ Barbie® doll is part of the Platinum Label™ collection of Barbie® dolls.

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