Barbie Doll as Rapunzel 1995 / Барби Рапунцель

промо-фото Barbie Doll as Rapunzel
Face mold: Superstar
Eyelashes: Painted
Edition: Collector Edition
Collection: Children’s Collector Series
Release Date: 1995
Product Code: #13016

It’s a fairytale come true as Barbie® portrays Rapunzel, the lovely maiden with her long, beautiful hair. It’s a story every little girl loves, and Barbie® doll plays the part perfectly in an enchanting turquoise and lavender gown dusted with glitter. From her metallic bodice to her sparkling skirt and golden cap adorned with glittering streamers, this Collector Edition doll is the ultimate fairytale princess. And true to the tale, her braided hair reaches all the way to the floor to let her handsome prince climb up to her tower. It’s no wonder she was a 1995 Doll Reader «Dolls of the Year» nominee.

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