Barbie and Curious George 2000

промо-фото Barbie and Curious George
Face mold: Mackie
Designer Sharon Zuckerman
Eyelashes: Painted
Edition: Collector Edition
Collection: Keepsake Treasures Collection
Release Date: 12/1/2000
Product Code: #28798

For over six decades, the escapades of a mischievous little monkey and the man in the yellow hat have entertained boys and girls around the world. Now, Curious George goes on a whole new adventure with a new friend, Barbie® doll. Barbie® wears a playful dress that depicts cherished moments from her favorite Curious George stories. She wears an enchanting yellow and white gingham outfit, trimmed with a crisp white collar and red and white trim. A fabulous white panel depicting George himself encircles her skirt. Yellow high-heeled Mary Janes and bold red earrings complement her look. Finally, a yellow and white gingham hat, an homage to the man in the yellow hat, completes her delightful ensemble. Beautifully reproduced in soft plush, George proudly accompanies her.

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