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Barbie Doll as Cinderella 1997
Barbie as Sleeping Beauty 1998
Barbie Doll as Snow White 1999
Barbie Doll as Beauty from Beauty and the Beast 2000
Barbie Doll as the Sugar Plum Fairy 1997
Barbie Doll as the Swan Queen in Swan Lake 1998
Barbie AA Doll as the Swan Queen in Swan Lake 1998
Barbie Doll as Marzipan in The Nutcracker 1999
Barbie Doll as Flower Ballerina from the Nutcracker 2000
Barbie Doll as Snowflake in “The Nutcracker” 2000
Barbie Doll as Swan Ballerina from Swan Lake 2001
Peppermint Candy Cane Barbie Doll 2002
Barbie Doll as Titania 2004
Barbie Doll as Juliet 2004
Barbie and The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1998
Barbie and Curious George 2000
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Barbie 2001
Tommy and Kelly dressed as Mickey & Minnie 2002
Kelly Nostalgic Favorites Giftset 2003
Tommy Doll as Elvis Giftset 2003
Kelly and Tommy Dolls as Raggedy Ann and Andy 2000
Hansel & Gretel 2001
Goldilocks and The Three Bears 2001
Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf 2001
Kelly Doll and Friends—The Wizard of Oz Giftset 2003

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