Blush Beauty Barbie 2015

Blush Beauty Barbie 2015
Молд лица: Vintage/First Ever Barbie
Тип тела: Vintage Repro
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Коллекция: BFMC 2015
Лейбл: Gold Label
Тираж: 4400
Дизайнер: Robert Best
Дата релиза: 10/7/2015
Код продукта: #CHT04

The finale of the 2015 Barbie® Fashion Model Collection arrives in a blush pink, cape-collared coat with lovely bows cinching the coat closed at the neckline and waistline. Remove the coat to reveal a beautifully tailored shift dress, the bodice glittering with micro-sequins.


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