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The Lingerie Barbie #1
The Lingerie Barbie #2
Garden Party Fashion
Lunch at the Club Fashion
The Lingerie Barbie #3
In the Pink Barbie
Lisette Barbie
Ravishing in Rouge Barbie
Blush Becomes Her Fashion
Dusk To Dawn Giftset
Fashion Editor Barbie
Display Case
The Lingerie Barbie #4
The Lingerie Barbie #5
Provencale Barbie
Fashion Designer Barbie
Maria Therese Barbie
Continental Holiday Giftset
Black Enchantment Fashion
Boulevard Fashion
Country Bound Fashion
Accessory Pack
The Lingerie Barbie #6
Capucine Barbie
Chataine Barbie (F.A.O. Schwarz exclusive)
City Smart Barbie
Sunday Best Barbie
A Model Life Giftset
Fashion Insider Ken Giftset
Midnight Mischief Fashion
45th Anniversary Barbie Doll
45th Anniversary AA Barbie Doll
45th Anniversary Barbie and Ken Giftset
Chinoiserie Red Moon Barbie
Chinoiserie Red Sunset
Chinoiserie Red Midnight
Trench Setter Barbie
Joyeux Barbie (F.A.O. Schwarz exclusive)
The Spa Getaway Giftset
New England Escape Fashion Giftset
Skiing Vacation Barbie Fashion
Vanity and Bench
Happy Go Lightly Barbie
Muffy Roberts Barbie
Stolen Magic Barbie
Suite Retreat Barbie
Trace of Lace Barbie
Trace of Lace Barbie
Spotted Shopping Barbie Fashion
New York Yorkie Barbie Accessory Pack
The French Maid Barbie
The Stewardess Barbie
The Teacher Barbie
The Waitress Barbie
The Nurse Barbie
The Nurse AA Barbie
Dahlia Barbie
Day at the Races Barbie
Highland Fling Barbie
Lady of the Manor Barbie
Pretty Pleats Barbie
Tweed Indeed Barbie
Violette Barbie
High Tea and Savories Barbie Giftset
High Stepping Barbie Fashion
True Brit Barbie Accessory Pack
The Usherette Barbie
The Secretary Barbie
The Interview Barbie
Hollywood Hostess
Movie Mixer
Red Hot Reviews Barbie
The Siren Barbie
The Soiree Barbie
The Ingenue Barbie
Honey in Hollywood Accessory Pack
The Artist Barbie
The Shopgirl Barbie (European exclusive)
The Showgirl Barbie
Haut Monde Barbie
Je Ne Sais Quoi Barbie
Market Day Barbie (US dealer exclusive)
Preferably Pink Barbie
Soiree Barbie (Platinum label)
Toujours Couture Barbie
Tout de Suite Barbie
Debut Barbie
Debut AA Barbie
Debut Barbie (exclusie for PFDF)
Prima Ballerina Barbie
Parisienne Pretty Barbie
Gal On The Go Barbie
Southern Belle Barbie (Fan Club exclusive)
Stunning in the Spotlight Barbie
Golden Gala Barbie Doll (Convention exclusive)
Golden Gala AA Barbie Doll (Convention exclusive)
Palm Beach Breeze Barbie
Palm Beach Coral Barbie
Palm Beach Swim Suit Barbie
Palm Beach Honey Barbie (Fun Club exclusive)
Celebratory Tribute Barbie 10th Anniversary Doll
Mad Men Betty Draper Doll
Mad Men Don Draper Doll
Mad Men Joan Holloway Doll
Mad Men Roger Sterling Doll
Afternoon Suit Barbie
Walking Suit Barbie
Party Dress Barbie
Evening Gown Barbie
Gala Gown Barbie
Boater Ensemble Barbie
Luncheon Ensemble Barbie
Cocktail Dress Barbie
Tailored Tuxedo Ken
Happy New Year Barbie (Fun Club exclusive)
Fiorella Barbie
Dulcissima Barbie
Luciana Barbie
Principessa Barbie
Gianfranco Ken
Boucle Beauty Barbie
Fashionably Floral Barbie
Blush Beauty Barbie
Little Red Dress Barbie
Lavender Luxe Barbie
Classic Black Dress Barbie
Classic Black Dress Barbie
Classic Camel Coat Barbie
Chic City Suit Barbie
Classic Cocktail Dress Barbie
Glam Gown Barbie
Black & White Tweed Suit Barbie
Elegant Rose Cocktail Dress Barbie
Blush & Gold Cocktail Dress Barbie
Blue Chiffon Ball Gown Barbie