Basic Jeans Collection 002 — Model No. 17 2011

промо-фото Model No. 17
Face mold: Ken 2010
Eyelashes: Painted
Label: Black
Designer Bill Greening
Release Date: 1/2/2011
Product Code: #T7751

This season, denim is all the fashion rage! And who better to rock the denim look than the Barbie Basics™ dolls? Wearing the latest styles with plenty of sass and attitude, these girls (and guys! ) know how to strike a pose and turn heads. Featuring for the first time 3 ruggedly handsome male models as well as a bevy of breathtaking beauties, personalization and play has never been more stylish, fun, or fabulous! Model #17 is a handsome African-American model with dreamy eyes and chiseled cheekbones. Wearing a long sleeved black shirt over dark denim with stylish footwear, he’ll be the hit of the photo shoot!


портрет кукла сзади одежда вблизи коробочное фото Кен в коробке общее фото Джинсовой линейкиобщее фото Джинсовой линейки (вид сзади)

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