Basic Jeans Collection 002 — Model No. 15 2011

промо-фото Model No. 15
Face mold: Ken 2009(?)
Eyelashes: Painted
Label: Black
Designer Bill Greening
Release Date: 1/2/2011
Product Code: #T7749

This season, denim is all the fashion rage! And who better to rock the denim look than the Barbie Basics™ dolls? Wearing the latest styles with plenty of sass and attitude, these girls (and guys! ) know how to strike a pose and turn heads. Featuring for the first time 3 ruggedly handsome male models as well as a bevy of breathtaking beauties, personalization and play has never been more stylish, fun, or fabulous! Model #15 is a hunkalicious hottie wearing a black tank top over dark denim. His mane of dark hair, sculpted arms, and smoldering eyes will have hearts racing in no time!


портретКен сбокуодежда вблизиобщее фото Джинсовой линейкиобщее фото Джинсовой линейки (вид сзади)Кен в коробке

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