Basic Collection 002.5 — Model No. 08 2011

промо-фото Model No. 08
Молд лица: Mbili
Скинтон: Light Brown
Тип тела: Articulated Model Muse
Ресницы: Нарисованные
Лейбл: Black Label
Дизайнер: Bill Greening
Дата релиза: 8/11/2011
Код продукта: #T7924

Every wardrobe can use a refresh! It’s time to spice up that denim with some nighttime sparkle! Model No. 08 is a bronze beauty with the Mbili face sculpt and an articulated body. She styles her on-trend narrow bootcuts with a sleeveless, one-shoulder bronze top, matching jewelry, and platforms. Her long auburn hair and dramatic lips complete her glamorous nighttime look.


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